Stipend Information

Parent Meeting Stipend Policy
Revised December 2012

  1. The CMHC will provide a $50 payment per meeting to approved catalyst members, for up to 12 meetings per quarter (up to 6 of these meeting stipends are reserved for PCLG training meetings or PCLG workgroups; up to 6 meeting stipends are reserved for CMHC or other external meetings).
  2. The CMHC will provide a gas reimbursement/travel stipend for PCLG members who have driven to a minimum number of approved meetings each quarter.  Reimbursement amounts are as follows: at least 3 meetings ($20); at least 6 meetings ($40); at least 9 meetings ($60). Payment for gas reimbursement/travel will be made on a quarterly basis.  Request for gas reimbursement/travel must be submitted within 15 calendar days of the end of that quarter.
  3. All requests should be made with the approved CMHC stipend form found at under Parent Catalyst Leadership Group under Stipends.
  4. All requests for payment must be received within 15 calendar days of the meeting date.
  5. All requests should be sent to  and Margaret Sullivan, PCLG Coordinator, at Parent Co-Chairs will approve the request and the Coordinator will process the requests approximately every 15 days.
  6. Catalysts receiving scholarships, reimbursements, or payments from other sources to attend meetings must not submit requests for stipend payments from PCLG.
  7. The stipend form must be completed with answers to the 6 questions (NOTE, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE ALL 6 QUESTIONS, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR A STIPEND!).  You will be notified within 7 days by the parent co-chairs if the request is denied.
  8. Approved stipend payments for meeting attended must fall within the following list:
    1. PCLG Monthly Trainings
    2. PCLG Workgroup or Outreach meetings
    3. CMHC Governance or Work Group meetings
    4. NAMI, PACER, MACMH related trainings or community meetings on children’s mental health (if not already reimbursed from those entities)
    5. State, County, Greater Twin Cities, school district-sponsored children’s mental health meetings or trainings (if not already reimbursed from those entities)
  9. If a meeting request is not included in the list of approved meetings, you should check with the PCLG Co-chairs prior to attending the meeting or submitting the request.
  10. Please allow up to 30 days for reimbursement once the request has been submitted.

Parent Catalyst Leadership Group Stipend Form
Workshop/Training Summary

Please email your completed forms to

If you are interested in a scholarship to attend a training, go to the Scholarship & Support tab on the home page.

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