Committees, Ad Hoc Work Groups and Collaboration Team

HCCMHC designated voting member seats (18)

1.  Minneapolis School District
2.  Suburban school districts
3.   St. Anthony-New Brighton School District
4.  Anoka-Hennepin School District
5.  Intermediate School District 287
6.  Hennepin County’s Human Services and Public Health Department
7.  Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health services
8.  Hennepin County Corrections representative
9.  Hennepin County Board or Admin. Rep.
10. Parent Leadership Group (2)
11. Provider (3)
12. Health plan
13.   At-large (3)

Hennepin County Childrens Mental Health Collaborative (HCCMHC)
2017 Governance Group Roster of (18) Voting Members
January 3, 2017

Name Voting  Mandated Partner Phone Number Email
E= Executive
G= Govern.
1. Peterson, Cherie   Anoka-Hennepin School District 763-506-1353
2. Polys, Marsha 763-506-1359
1. (OPEN)        
2. (OPEN)
1.Holper, Jen   At Large – Prairie Care 952-334-7755
1. Bernhardt, Andrea   At Large (Family Service Collaborative rep) 952-848-3938
2. Lucia (Zuercher), Jonette 763-391-7253
1. Sterlacci, Paul   District 287 763-550-7380
2. Houck, Tina 763-550-7106
1. Pitkin, Kay   At- Large (Emergency Mental Health) 612-919-9953
2. (OPEN)
1. Halpern, Jamie   Hennepin County Administration 612-348-9259
1. Jaiyesimi, Adesola   Hennepin County Community Corrections 612-596-0631
2. Kuglar, Karen
1. Sancilio, Michael   Hennepin County Mental Health Services 612-348-2195
2. Slowiak, Cynthia
1.Adamson, Karen   Hennepin County Public Health 612-348-2896
2.Pilz, Judy 612.543.2232
1.Jensen, Aric   Provider 612-861-1688
1. Seiwert, Maureen   Minneapolis Schools 612-668-2143
2. Cox, Rochelle
1. Krank, Teresa   Parent Catalyst Leadership Group
2. Twogood, Ben 
1. Renfroe, Suzanne   Parent Catalyst Leadership Group
2. Malka, Karen
1. Dale, Pat (CMHC Chair)   Provider 612-798-8166
2. (OPEN)
1. Nelson, Jody   Provider 612-581-9811
2. (OPEN)
1. Anderson, Pamela   St. Anthony/New Brighton School District 612-706-1109
2. Dunaski, Michelle 612-706-1126
1. Melbye, Eric   Suburban Schools 952-681-6476

Ad-Hoc work group        

1.     Evaluation Work Group: Led by Wilder Research, this ad hoc work group meets to review grantee reports from funded community providers.  The group also assists in the implementation of all research and evaluation work that is done through the HCCMHC.

2.     Education and Advocacy Work Group: This ad hoc work group oversees the objectives in the work plan that connects to all strategies related to education and advocacy in 2010.

3.     School Based Mental Health Work Group: This ad hoc work group will focus on enhanced services for school-based sites as well as work on a community-based and -driven data base system, working with Wilder Research – as well as other tasks that the group sets for the coming year.     

Standing Committees

1.     Executive: The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Collaborative Chair, a Parent rep, a Provider rep, a School rep, a county rep and an insurance provider rep.   The Chair serves both as Chair and as a rep for the mandated stakeholder they represent.  All members of the Executive Committee shall also be active voting members of the HCCMHC.  Except for the power to amend the Bylaws, the Executive Committee shall have all the powers and authority of the HCCMHC in the intervals between meetings of the HCCMHC, subject to the direction and control of the HCCMHC.  Any actions taken by the Executive Committee shall be presented to the full Council for review, at its next regularly scheduled meeting.  The Executive Committee shall also set the times and dates of its meetings, will conduct open meetings and can meet at least once a month during the months when the HCCMHC does not have a regularly scheduled meeting.  Additionally, the Executive Committee shall perform the following functions, subject to review and approval of the HCCMHC:

  • Prepare, set priorities and assure the implementation of annual work plan and budget;
  • Provide financial oversight of HCCMHC activities, including review of county financial reports and the HCCMHC budget, and any reports of the financial status of the HCCMHC at regularly scheduled HCCMHC meetings.2.     Parent Catalyst Leadership Group: The Parent Catalyst Leadership Group (PCLG) will focus on meeting the needs of advocacy and education needs of parents who reside within Hennepin County.

    3.    Provider Group: The Provider Group is made up of Hennepin County based and/or operating children’s mental health service providers who come together to network, work on advocacy and resource allocation issues, and to share best practices as it relates to children’s mental health services.

    CMHC Coordination Team for 2017

    Curt Peterson has over 30 years of results-oriented experience in organization leadership and design; development and management with mission-driven and community-based government agencies & nonprofit organizations.  Curt serves as the lead coordinator and overall staffing support for the Governance Council and most of the ad hoc and standing committees. He also oversees all the communications and convenings.

    Sarah Cheesman has over 5 years of communication, meeting, and convening experience in mission-driven and community-based nonprofit organizations.  Sarah serves as the secretary and administrative support person for the Governance group and the coordination team itself.

    Deb Sweeney has over 20 years experience in grant-writing, funding research, and meeting facilitation.  Deb helps with local and national research, helps with establishing stronger operating systems in support of eventual grants submission, and assists with the SOI (solicitation of interest) work that the CMHC oversees.

    Wilder Research (Cheryl Holm Hanson, Julie Atella, Melanie Ferris) provide overall expertise in data collection and analysis, evaluation, and research.  Wilder produces periodic reports on the overall CMHC work as well as known metrics related to our community investments.

    Margaret Sullivan recently secured her masters in organizational development systems with an emphasis in parent support, and is active in her communities as a parent coach and leader.  Margaret serves as the Parent Catalyst Leadership Group (PCLG) Coordinator and provides overall assistance with their training, support and communications.


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