Our Vision

Children and youth with mental health needs experience success in all aspects of their lives.

Our Mission Statement

The Children’s Mental Health Collaborative (HCCMHC) is a catalyst for improving children’s lives by serving as convener, coordinator, advisor and advocate for community efforts to increase access to and resources for high quality mental health services for children and families.

Our Guiding Principlesboy studying

  • Accessiblity for clients
  • Flexibility
  • Individualized responses within an appropriate cultural and social context
  • Accountability for client outcomes and system-wide goals
  • Incorporation of evidence-based practices and “promising” practices
  • Embracing system based sustainable funding; not grant-making in the traditional sense

Target Population (from Interagency Agreement)

The target population of the Collaborative are children up to age 18 with an emotional or behavioral disturbance or who are at risk of suffering an emotional or behavioral disturbance as evidenced by a behavior or condition that affects the child’s ability to function in a primary aspect of daily living including personal relations, living arrangements, work, school, and recreation, and a child who can benefit from (1) multi-agency service coordination and wraparound services; or (2) informal coordination of traditional mental health services provided on a temporary basis. People between the ages of 18 and 21 who meet these criteria may be included in the target population if the person is receiving special education services through the local school district, receive child welfare services, or other services specified by law.

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